Case Study - Skip the bank, borrow from those you trust

FamilyFund is a crowdfunding platform for friends and family. Allowing users to take personal loans from their network without a traditional financial institution.

Web development, CMS, SEO


In a world where traditional banking can feel impersonal and daunting, FamilyFund offers a refreshing alternative. Our platform serves as a bridge between you and your trusted network, empowering you to access personal loans without the bureaucracy and constraints of traditional financial institutions.

Why Choose FamilyFund

At FamilyFund, we understand the importance of financial independence and empowerment. Our platform provides a safe, secure, and transparent environment for borrowers and lenders to connect, communicate, and collaborate. With FamilyFund, you can skip the red tape and bureaucracy of traditional banking and borrow from those you trust.

How it Works

FamilyFund is a crowdfunding platform designed specifically for friends and family. Whether you're looking to fund a new business venture, cover unexpected expenses, or pursue a personal goal, FamilyFund allows you to reach out to your network for financial support.

What we did

  • Website Development
  • Custom CMS
  • SEO
  • Infrastructure

Working with the development team at CipherCode has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to our project were unparalleled. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, they demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and objectives, providing innovative solutions and valuable insights every step of the way.

Amy Jonas
CEO of FamilyFund
Traffic increase
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