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Projects & Inspirations



A Service based business that supplies school equipment all over Cape Town.

Established in 2021, Hop has been making a massive impact on delivering quality services to its immediate market.

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Hop landing page StineTuts landing page


A South African based online tutoring platform is being run by a qualified educator, Justine Baptiste. StineTuts offers a variety of educational services, ranging from au-pairing, tutoring, homework assistance, and interactive activities. She primarily utilizes her skills in the foundation phase group but has experience with primary school children as well.

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Inner Strength Coach

A UK based personal trainer, Terry Whitaker made contact with CipherCode for a website that would serve as an advertising medium. Terry Whitaker has over 7 years of experience in this field and it shows in the quality of his work.

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Inner Strength Coach landing page Industrial Pumps SA landing page

Industrial Pumps SA

We were approached by the owner of Industrial Pumps SA, who was looking for a website redesign. The owner, Jaco Joubert wanted a cleaner looking website that evoked quality and trust. The company specializes in providing industrial grade pumps all over Africa at a competitive price.

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Industrial Valves SA

Industrial Valves SA, is a South African based industrial company that specializes in producing a variety of valves and fluid controls. The owner, Johan Joubert of Industrial Valves SA, noticed a gap between fluid control needs and what suppliers were offering. Johan wanted us to create a website that aligned with his vision and passion for this business.

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Industrial Valves SA landing page

The Core Team

Profile 1 Profile 1
Co-Founder | Back-End Developer

Lyle Timotheus

After completing my degree in Economics at Stellenbosch University, I ended working in the financial services industry. Realizing that working in a corporate environment was not for me, I decided to pursue my passion for computer programming and started building websites for small businesses. This is how the vision of CipherCode was born. If you’d like to know more about my story please follow me on any one of the mediums below.

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Co-Founder | Front-End Developer

Carlos Timotheus

Numbers were always my strong suit, hence anything that involves numbers I'm your guy. However, over the last few years, my passion has swayed away from a mathematical and financial drive and instead to a more innovative and challenging perspective. Therefore, computer programming has challenged me in ways unlike numbers and it continues to push me to grasp knowledge on a massive scale unlike before.

"We don't take breaks, we only break records."


Services: Web Design

Web Design

Whether you are looking for a simple landing page design to showcase your brand or a website that will generate sales for your company, we’ve got you covered. Our design process is carefully thought out to encompass the client’s needs and portray their vision.

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Web Development

Building a website from a unique digital design requires more than just a drag and drop approach. That is why we build 100% custom made websites that are unique and align with the brand's vision. We pride ourselves on building platforms that have a real-world impact by providing high-quality digital products.

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Services: Web Development
Services: Identity Branding

Identity Branding / Corporate Branding

Branding is just not a combination of logos, slogans, corporate colours, and fonts. What makes a brand successful is how the image of the company is recognized in the eyes of the consumer. Some of the elements we focus on are the company’s name, logo, tagline, typography, colour spectrum, illustrations, and style-forming graphics.

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SEO is all about increasing your business’s visibility on the internet through various processes, platforms, and following coding standards stipulated by the search engine giants such as Google and Yahoo. We make sure to take care of all of this by conducting industry research for your brand to help your company get noticed by potential and existing clients.

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Services: SEO
Services: UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

UI stands for user interface and UX stands for user experience design. The former one deals with the look of your application and the latter deals with the experience the user will encounter when using your application. These might look like simple processes, but it gets extremely complex when we start looking at typography and colours.

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Mobile App Design

Designing mobile applications requires attention to detail because mobile devices for one have less real estate compared to a desktop application. We ensure that the look and feel of the mobile application meet the standards of the industry while preserving the underlying purpose of the application.

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Services: Mobile App Design

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