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Our approach involves harnessing our expertise and creativity to craft unique and captivating website designs that resonate with our clients' brands and objectives. By staying abreast of the latest trends and utilizing cutting-edge design techniques, we ensure that our website designs not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients, driving engagement and success.


When designing and building a website you need to determine the priority of the website. Are you building a website for functionality and user experience or are you focusing more on the aesthetics and animations.

Web design practices are always evolving and new trends are constantly introduced. But there are still practices one has to follow to remain relevant.

Common mistakes in website design

We are all aware of what makes a website stand out, but what are some common mistakes we've come across when analysing websites. The list includes:

  • No grid implementation to keep the layout structured.
  • Poor navigational structure.
  • No thought given with regards to typography
  • Colour scheme is outdated and lacks colour theory implementation.
  • A website that does not have a responsive design. If your website does not look great across multiple devices, the chances of a prospective client buying from you are slim.
  • Call-to-actions that are filled with too much text.
  • Poor use of whitespace.

If your website has any of these shortcomings continue reading below to see CipherCode’s solution to these common issues.

How does CipherCode achieve results for its clients? What does our design process entail

CipherCode works with the best quality web designers across the world. We have a team of user-interface (UI) and user experience (UX) specialists that deliver high performing website design. Every single element on your website has to serve a purpose. We don’t believe in creating elements on a website for the sake of filling up space.

Our primary aim in designing websites is to get qualified leads to contact you.

Our design process:

  • Research competitors
  • Analyze statistical information based on the target market.
  • Build up a mood board to experiment with colour theory, typography and layout construction.
  • Create user personas that identify with the business message.
  • Build an interactive mock-up and prototype.

All of our work follows a methodological approach whereby all of the work is done across a few platforms. For the rapid UI design, we make use of Figma and for more in-depth UI /UX and prototype experimentation we use a combination of Adobe XD and Marvel.

Which technology we use will be dependent on the project's complexity, scope, timelines, deliverables and team makeup. View our web design pricing guide to find out how we price our web design services.

Why work with us? What separates us from the other UI/UX specialist out there

There are an abundance of competent UI/UX specialists out there locally and globally. It is becoming increasingly tough to stand-out in such a fast-evolving industry with the increase in competition rising rapidly.

Here are reasons why you should use CipherCode Design Studio as your UI/UX specialist:

  • We produce quality UI/UX work. Our focus with any digital product is to ensure easy interpretation through visual design.
  • The design we create is a direct representation of your business's brand. It's all about translating your business message into appealing designs that speak to human emotion.
  • Our team has an excellent eye for creating inspiring projects that spark interest. That is why we have a diverse team make-up so that we can deliver a product that is well formulated and approved by one of the co-founders.

Professionally designed websites that look appealing and follow all the best practices when it comes to UI/UX. Start your blog, startup business, catering or any website with CipherCode Design Studio today!

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