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Custom Website Development

To accurately answer this question we need to divide this concept into two main parts. Website development can be split into frontend and backend development. Both of these development fields require extensive knowledge about programming, operating system requirements, and online security. At the core of website development, the roles performed by a frontend and backend developer are outlined below.

Front-end developer is the person responsible for the visuals of the website. They are responsible for the websites’ layout, design, and interactivity. Frontend developers achieve this by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages.

Backend developer is the person who ensures that the website can collect and store data, ensures that the server that the website is hosted on is secure, and produces dynamic data to users of the website. Backend developers achieve this by using PHP, MySQL, Python, Ruby, and NodeJS programming languages.

In a nutshell, web development is the building and maintenance of websites; it’s the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look great, work fast and perform well.

Many confuse website design with being the same thing as website development. These are two different concepts that work together to achieve the completed result we see when we visit a website. Let us simplify these concepts with an example. Think of a web designer as the architect of the website development process. They are experienced in focussing on the look of the website by looking at typography, layouts, colours and visual hierarchy to name a few. They use technologies such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Figma which enables them to design mockups of what the website will look like once development has been completed.

Web development is the process of taking the architect's design and vision and making it come to life. This process consists of the website developer building a completed product based on the design supplied by the website designer.

CipherCode is both a design and development agency that is fully competent to ensure that these aspects fit together seamlessly.

CipherCode Design Studio has proven processes and expertise to deliver premium custom website development solutions to meet the ever-changing technological domain. Every project we start begins with the understanding of your business goals and our solution aligns with it flawlessly. While we are based in South Africa, we have developed world-class solutions for clients around the globe.

Our custom website development procedure is shown the highest priority as it is a complex process that involves maximum effort and precision to deliver a sophisticated web solution. Let our team of experienced developers build dynamic, engaging web solutions to optimise your work and enhance your customers' experience.

  • Multi-vendor websites
  • E-commerce websites / Online Store
  • Informational websites
  • Advertising websites
  • Landing page websites / One-pager websites
  • Restaurants
  • Accommodation websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Teaching / tutoring websites
  • CMS Systems
  • Blogging platforms
  • Payment integration enabled websites
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Custom Web Development Web Development and Web Design

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is a free open-source website building platform or Content Management System(CMS). It is written in core PHP and uses MySQL as a database. To put it simply, WordPress is the easiest way to get your high performing website out to the public. The graphical user interface is easy to use as the platform implements drag and drop functionality for building your website. But to harness the true power of WordPress is the ability to manipulate the code according to your preferences. That is where CipherCode Design Studio comes into play.

Even though WordPress is an easier form of developing websites, there are still standards the website needs to conform to. If you are still on the fence as to whether you should use WordPress over a custom-built solution, let us explain some of the perks of using WordPress CMS as your website builder.

  • Installation of WordPress is easy!
  • Responsive design. Your website will look great across multiple devices.
  • Ease of managing media. Maintaining images, videos and other forms of files is a simple process.
  • Multiple theme options.
  • Plugins for customization. There are 1000+ plugins you can choose from to create a custom solution based on your needs.
  • Woocommerce for e-commerce platforms.
  • SEO friendly, thanks to the many well documented plugins and resources.
  • Outstanding scalability.

Always consider whether a WordPress template solution will align with your business goals and if it will be enough to grow with your evolving brand name.

We take a flexible approach when it comes to WordPress development. This is possible since the design and development process is significantly reduced, which allows us to create a premium web solution without compromising on quality.

CipherCode will start by assessing your overall business objectives. If you are looking to attract more leads, increase revenue or just improve visibility, your website will be built with those factors in mind. Using a template-based platform such as WordPress can make for a lower-rand spend on the actual website, but it will not deliver certain results, and this can affect your return on investment.

As stated before, think about whether this solution will be better suited for you in the long term as your business starts to grow.

  • Business or corporate websites
  • Legal firm websites
  • Blogs and informational websites
  • Q&A websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • NGO websites and many more
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Search Engine Optimization

Organic site traffic generates some of the highest quality leads (usually, much better than Google ads or other forms of PPC). By optimizing your site for organic (free) Google traffic, you’ll show up at the top of search results. It should be noted that no agency can guarantee your business to show up on the top of Google’s search results, but by following best SEO practices that have a proven track record of success will get your business there. To put it into perspective, you can expect to see results in leads and sales in just 3-4 months through consistency.

Search engine optimization is the way your website accumulates website traffic from search engines. Think about it, every time you search for a product or service on Google, you expect relevant results from the search engine. Businesses that rank high on search engines search results are the brands that have invested a lot of effort and capital in achieving this. For example, unpaid traffic comes from different kinds of sources such as being active on social media, creating content-rich blogs and articles, delivering high-quality images and videos and constantly reviewing one’s SEO strategy.

Think of a website as an aeroplane and SEO as the runway. Technically the plane can function without the runway, but it wouldn’t perform at its peak without it. This analogy can also be applied to the world of SEO. Your website can have the best designs, animations and video rich-content, but if your SEO strategy is lacking, chances are your business will fail to reach potential clients.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you need a SEO strategy?

  • Does each page of your website have 400+ words of content?
  • Are your alt tags on images descriptive?
  • Are you using strong or bold tags on your web pages?
  • Do you have a robots.txt file on your server?
  • Does your website have proper error pages?

If you would like us to conduct a full audit of your website, please have a look at our SEO pricing guide for more information.

As you know, the SEO field is complex and a time-intensive process. That is why CipherCode has appointed an SEO expert in our company that specializes in delivering results geared towards the clients business goals. This is why we follow a three-step process for search engine optimization. (WE CAN MAKE THIS TEXT BOLD OR BIGGER THAN THE REST OF THE TEXT)

  • Step 1: SEO audit and deep research
  • Step 2: SEO support maintenance
  • Step 3: Measure results and make adjustments based on qualitative and quantitative data.

CipherCode Design Studio achieves its SEO results for its clients based on on-page technical SEO services, comprehensive content marketing, pay per clicks (PPC), link-building and off-page SEO techniques.

So whether you’re based in California or Lisbon, we’ll take the time to understand your business’s location and get you ranking for local search terms. More conversions and a higher volume of quality traffic is just a phone call or email away. Being a web design studio based in Cape Town South Africa, we’ve made certain to stand out on the web when it comes to SEO consulting and execution.

CipherCode offers a variety of SEO plans for clients based on their business goals. Our detailed SEO pricing guide highlights what we currently offer. Some of the broad aspects we look at are:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimisation
  • Off-page optimisation and link building
  • Content creation
  • Technical website SEO
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Content marketing
  • Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

SEO is a constant process that is why we make sure to continue to support your website. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, new best practices are implemented which is why our SEO consultants make sure your website is up to date and conforms to these standards. one of my SEO experts if you need to find out more about how we can assist you in ranking higher on search engines.

Your business will need a reliable adversary that can adapt to the ever changing world of the internet. That is why CipherCode has partnered with experts in SEO that are constantly enhancing SEO processes to assist clients to achieve higher rankings on search engines.

Here are 4 reasons why you want to use CipherCode as your SEO partner:

  • We have proven results in achieving organic traffic for our clients.
  • Excellent track record achieving top Google rankings for our clients. We aim to have your business within the top 3 and 5 results.
  • Our progress plan will keep you up to date with regards to what our milestones and targets are in achieving those goals.
  • We don’t just work with you for 3-4 months, we are here as your long-term SEO consultant. Should you need some assistance or guidance, our team of experts will be glad to assist you in achieving your business goals.

Reach out to our dedicated should you be interested in our SEO services.

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SEO Web Design

Website Design

When designing and building a website you need to determine the priority of the website. Are you building a website for functionality and user experience or are you focusing more on the aesthetics and animations.

Web design practices are always evolving and new trends are constantly introduced. But there are still practices one has to follow to remain relevant.

We are all aware of what makes a website stand out, but what are some common mistakes we’ve come across when analysing websites. The list includes:

  • No grid implementation to keep the layout structured.
  • Poor navigational structure.
  • No thought given with regards to typography.
  • Colour scheme is outdated and lacks colour theory implementation.
  • A website that does not have a responsive design. If your website does not look great across multiple devices, the chances of a prospective client buying from you are slim.
  • Call-to-actions that are filled with too much text.
  • Poor use of whitespace.

If your website has any of these shortcomings continue reading below to see CipherCode’s solution to these common issues.

CipherCode works with the best quality web designers across the world. We have a team of user-interface (UI) and user experience (UX) specialists that deliver high performing website design. Every single element on your website has to serve a purpose. We don’t believe in creating elements on a website for the sake of filling up space.

Our primary aim in designing websites is to get qualified leads to contact you.

Our design process:

  • Research competitors
  • Analyze statistical information based on the target market.
  • Build up a mood board to experiment with colour theory, typography and layout construction.
  • Create user personas that identify with the business message.
  • Build an interactive mock-up and prototype.

All of our work follows a methodological approach whereby all of the work is done across a few platforms. For the rapid UI design, we make use of Figma and for more in-depth UI /UX and prototype experimentation we use a combination of Adobe XD and Marvel.

Which technology we use will be dependent on the project's complexity, scope, timelines, deliverables and team makeup. View our web design pricing guide to find out how we price our web design services.

There are an abundance of competent UI/UX specialists out there locally and globally. It is becoming increasingly tough to stand-out in such a fast-evolving industry with the increase in competition rising rapidly.

Here are reasons why you should use CipherCode Design Studio as your UI/UX specialist:

  • We produce quality UI/UX work. Our focus with any digital product is to ensure easy interpretation through visual design.
  • The design we create is a direct representation of your business's brand. It's all about translating your business message into appealing designs that speak to human emotion.
  • Our team has an excellent eye for creating inspiring projects that spark interest. That is why we have a diverse team make-up so that we can deliver a product that is well formulated and approved by one of the co-founders.

Professionally designed websites that look appealing and follow all the best practices when it comes to UI/UX. Start your blog, startup business, catering or any website with CipherCode Design Studio today!

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Mobile App Design

User interfaces must feel natural and should not frustrate users that they end up leaving the application altogether. That is why we believe a clutter-free mobile application design with the best form of user experience will achieve long-term success.

Mobile application is the process of UI/UX designers to design a mobile application to function well and look good. Everything begins with the design team as they are responsible for the overall theme of the app, including things like colour scheme, typography, components and widget design.

Proper thought should be given as to which platform you plan to design the app for. The design best practices for Android differ from that of Apple. What is important to remember when starting out with mobile design, is to think that you need to design for both platforms. When in reality you might only need one if you are starting out, until the demand for your mobile application increases. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure whether your business needs a mobile app.

If you examine closely, everything comes down to experience. We’ve all had experiences in life one way or another. Would you like to relive that experience? Probably not! That is why an excellent mobile design that pays attention to user behaviour will always reign supreme amongst users.

When our UI/UX team design mobile applications we always design applications that are intuitive as we all know that an overwhelming user interface can leave one exhausted. That is why our design architects deliver mobile app designs that convey your businesses message. We believe that when it comes to mobile app design, less is more.

Mobile App Design Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Make sure your long-term growth is powered with powerful digital marketing solutions. CipherCode is a digital marketing agency service based in Cape Town that serves clients domestically and globally. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients that is why our digital strategy increases revenue by leveraging traffic and turning warm leads into clients.

Google Adwords

Is Google’s platform to advertise your business on Google when someone searches for your product. How it works is that you inform Google what your goals are, such as getting more calls to your business, increasing store visits or driving potential clients to your website. You only pay for results such as website clicks or calls to your business.

Starting out a digital marketing campaign can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to making sense of the various metrics and statistical data.

We know it is important to focus on the core of one’s business and managing this aspect while building a digital marketing strategy by yourself will become time consuming and requires a large amount of learning. Let CipherCode’s team of digital marketers who specialise in Google Adwords help your business reach a broader audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular as a form of advertising. There is an increase in the demand for social media content creators and social media experts. So what exactly is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social network platforms to connect with your audience, build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This might seem like a straightforward task but it is far from it. You need to be willing to commit your time to creating content for your accounts on a consistent basis, engaging with your following, analyzing your profile insights and running advertisements.

Our strategy at CipherCode Design studio follows a structural pattern when it comes to achieving your social media goals. A broad overview of our social media strategy consist of:

  • Social media business strategy.
  • Planning and set preparing publishing timelines.
  • Engaging with your following.
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