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01. Project Info

A South African based online tutoring platform is being run by a qualified educator, Justine. StineTuts offers a variety of educational services, ranging from au-pairing, tutoring, homework assistance, and interactive activities. She primarily utilizes her skills in the foundation phase group but has experience with primary school children as well.

"Connect. Learn. Grow"

CipherCode was contacted by Justine where she explained everything she had in mind for her brand. The main message she wanted to convey was that she was an early childhood teacher with 6+ years experience in early childhood education. She is dedicated to supporting emotional, social and academic development of young children.

02. The Solution

CipherCode's research team conducted thorough market research to better understand StineTuts target market. Given the nature of their industry, StineTuts needed a clean, modern branded identity that would accurately convey trust and results. The platform needed to be attractive but also wouldn't make users feel lost. As such, CipherCode created a beautiful blend of soft color palette themes with a set of modern imagery with traditional UI/UX behaviour patterns in mind.