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01. Project Info

CipherCode was contracted by Hop to produce a website for the South African market. CipherCode worked closely with the founders of Hop to create a simple and easy to navigate multi-vendor web app. We are beyond privileged that a successful startup entrusted us for their digital face in a developing market.

"Keep it simple, for both the busy parent and the childcare facility."

Hop is an online shop for parents, preschools, and childcare facilities. We understand how busy working parents are and how stressful it is to keep up with all the preschool "need lists". For this reason, we have come up with a simple solution for both you, the busy parent, and the preschool or childcare facility. Finding solutions requires identifying the problem and then deciding what would be the best method to approach the mission.

02. The Solution

Our Mission: To Hop to the moon and back for all your childcare and preschool supplies. Preschools or childcare facilities can register their school and a "need list" per classroom. The parent simply can select their child's school and class name to find a complete "need list".

  1. Select your products
  2. Pay
  3. Delivered to the school

As a bonus, Hop will allow you, the busy parent, to purchase other items you might need for your child and this will be delivered to your child's school where you can collect it.

You might wonder, why would my preschool or childcare facility be interested in using Hop. Well, keeping up with our philosophy we have considered the other side of the coin.

Preschools or childcare facilities struggle with: Storage & keeping track of every child's "need list". Any teacher will tell you, "this is a mission"! Well not anymore, when a parent visits hoptoshop, Hop will provide storage, delivery and keep track of it all. That is one less mission for a teacher to deal with. While making life a lot more simple, effortless, and affordable for busy parents.

Hop will go to the moon and back for all your little one's supplies allowing you as the parent and the teacher to get on with what matters.