Why partner with us.

Here are 5 reasons to choose CipherCode Design Studio as your digital partner.



Have a technical issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible? Need help with monthly updates? No problem! CipherCode takes care of it all.

Reliability and quality are what sets CipherCode apart from most competitors. CipherCode sets self-imposed limits on how many clients we work with. It ensures that our resources are used efficiently and effectively and that 100% dedication is afforded to the client.


Diverse Expertise

We are a team of well-rounded individuals who deliver 100% commitment to every project we undertake. An experienced team built on 5 years of technical and business experience.

Our team will never take on a new project unless we can document how we’ll deliver results.

If you value quality and seek premium-quality digital services, CipherCode Design Studio is for you!


Problem Solvers

What sets us apart from our competition is our attitude. We’ve live by the motto, ...

I don’t take breaks, I only break records — Lil Wayne

Solving challenges is what the CipherCode Design Studio seeks. We have 100% confidence in the CipherCode team that we will achieve every milestone set before us. We don’t make excuses, instead we make history!

CipherCode Design Studio Dream Team

Our Philosophy

The name CipherCode came about when one of the founding members came across cryptography. Given that it is a complex subject, Cryptography is essentially the encrypting and decrypting of information.

CipherCode was then born with this in mind. To provide digital solutions to secure businesses without compromising on quality. It requires building strong professional relationships with our clients and learning to understand their unique goals and needs.


The Dream Team

CipherCode Design Studio Senior Frontend Engineer
  • Carlos
  • Front-end Developer
CipherCode Design Studio VP of Communications & Marketing
  • Lyle
  • Web Developer
CipherCode Design Studio Senior Full-Stack Engineer
  • Thomas
  • Senior Web Developer
CipherCode Design Studio SEO & Content Specialist
  • Jessica
  • SEO & Content Specialist
CipherCode Design Studio Senior Backend Engineer
  • Riaz
  • Senior Backend Engineer
CipherCode Design Studio Copywriter and Content Specialist
  • Amber
  • Graphic Designer and Copywriter
CipherCode Design Studio Copywriter and Content Specialist
  • Lucian
  • Social Media Intern